Unparalleled Partner Support, Audience Engagement and Trusted Relationships


Partner & Support

From the onset of your partnership, you will gain access to seasoned human resource marketing experts who will help you prepare to effectively demonstrate your thought leadership to our audience of high-level HR decision makers.

Strategize & Execute

Our leadership team will guide the creation of your G2M playbook by reviewing planned messages and providing feedback on your solutions and strategies. We'll help you form outlines, review and coach you through the development of your thought leader presentations and help deploy your plan of engagement for maximizing onsite reach.

Connect & Nurture

The Strategy Summit provides natural networking opportunities and promotes sponsor-attendee collaboration. This relationship building coupled with survey data, detailed feedback and guidance from Human Resource Executive® helps nurture your post-event connection with HR leaders and ensures a maximum impact from your investment.

Power-house Media Support

The power of the Strategy Summit stems from Human Resource Executive® — the premier media outlet covering strategic issues in HR for more than 35 years.

The agenda and organizations attending highlighted the dynamic change that the HR function is going through, and why it is important for leaders to come together and share ideas for the future of work.


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